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Peptide Repair Rescue 

For damaged, distressed hair

  • Up to 95% less hair breakage
  • Improved elasticity and healthy-looking shine

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pH 4.5 Color Freeze

For coloured and highlighted hair

  • Zero colour fade
  • Long-lasting colour vibrancy

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Hyaluronic Moisture Kick

For normal to dry hair

  • Up to 85% improved manageability
  • Boosted suppleness, bounce and shine

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Collagen Volume Boost

For fine to normal hair

  • 100% more volume
  • Lasting body and natural shine

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Keratin Smooth Perfect

For thick, coarse, unmanageable hair

  • Anti-frizz effect for better manageability
  • Boosted shine

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Q10+ Time Restore

For Mature Hair

  • 100% more strength and vitality
  • Instantly rejuvenated hair

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BC Scalp Genesis

For thinning hair u0026amp; imbalanced scalps

  • Intensely detoxifies and rebalances scalp
  • Future hair quality secured over time
  • Stress-defying system to precisely target scalp imbalances

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BC Sun Protect

For sun stressed hair

Double Protection

Transform sun-stressed hair into sun-kissed beauty. BC Sun Protect offers the perfect regime for sun-stressed hair. Using UVA u0026amp; UVB FILTER, Panthenol and AMINO CELL REBUILD, sun-stressed hair is refreshed, protected and repaired.

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