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Enter a new world of premium hair care powered by oils with Oil Ultime…


#TRUEBEAUTY is more than just a pleasing look. It is also the essence of a person’s inner harmony radiating through their external shell. At Schwarzkopf Professional, we believe that ultimate beauty starts from within.

Featuring new aromatic Essential Oils, Oil Ultime will immerse your clients in a sensorial in-salon journey to rebalance hair and mind.

Oil Ultime helps hairdressers to create an oasis of harmony, so their clients can find true inner and outer beauty.

What Makes It So Special?


REbalancing hair and mind for beauty from the inside out

Inspired by modern aromatherapy, Oil Ultime have developed precious Essential Oils featuring aromatic blends of calming Lavender u0026amp; Jasmine and invigorating Ylang Ylang u0026amp; Mandarin, which are known to improve physical and psychological well-being. They have been especially created for an indulging in-salon experience that helps clients to escape their hectic daily routine.


Oil Ultime elevates 100% natural precious oils such as Argan, Marula, Rose and Barbary Fig Oil by blending them into a variety of weightless formulations designed to replenish and beautify all hair types. A multi-level purification process ensures that only the most precious components and nutrients of these pristine oils are implemented, leaving the hair soft and with a subtle yet radiant shine.

Rose Oil
: Leaves the hair feeling supple and silky

Marula Oil: 
Moisturises and protects the hair, whilst improving manageability

Argan Oil
: Leaves the hair strong, smooth with a luminous finish

Barbary Fig Oil
: Intensely hydrates even the most dry and du


The secret of the lightweight performance is the self-solubilising and self-evaporating oils, which ensures a powerful care performance without weighing down the hair.

The oils envelop the hair, filling porous areas in the hair structure. Any residual oil instantly evaporates or is easily washed out, leaving hair seductively soft with a brilliant, radiating shine.

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Leading aromatherapist Kazue Gill shares her story…

Suffering from immense stress when working as a bond dealer in London,Kazue Gill discovered she was able to fight her headaches and tiredness with massages using essential oils. She was so impressed by the effectiveness of the oils that she changed her career to help other people suffering from physical pain, anxiety and fatigue.

Now, with over 20 years of experience, she is still performing and teaching aromatherapy as well as massage techniques and also helps to create skin care products powered by essential oils in Japan.

Kazue is Oil Ultime’s brand ambassador and source of inspiration, sharing her expert knowledge and passion in order to give the hairdresser the know-how to become an oasis for well-being and true beauty.


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